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Fauji Driving School offers a complete learning experience through a well-structured programme that combines the underlying theoretical aspects of driving, with situational analysis to impart a greater clarity on the topics being taught .This ensures a better understanding of the mechanics of driving. The theoretical training is well supported by training aids such as Traffic sign charts, Engine assembly section etc. All this is complemented by a team of well trained Fauji Driving School. Fauji Driving School Fauji driving school is an independently run business offering high quality driving lessons .Driving is an art and driving safely through the chaotic Indian roads requires more precaution than one can imagine. Get on to the street and the first thing you see is how cars and other vehicles overtake each other from left and right sides. It makes you feel that you are driving through a maze. Hence, safety becomes the first priority when you get behind the wheels of a car. Everyone agrees that we do not have the sophisticated driving training programmes like in western countries. But we need to understand that their needs are different from ours. While we are required to deal with vehicles coming from both sides and sometime four sides, they have more structured driving lanes.


Driving School
Driving School INR 0 INR 0 Inculcating global best practices, learning at Fauji Driving School includes: • Classroom and Attitudinal Training. • Advanced simulators to create on-road driving situations, so that learners get a first-hand feel of the road before they actually drive. • Special initiatives that have lady instructors for women learners. Today, there are over Guragaon. We have already created 500, more confident drivers, and the numbers are growing every day. Road safety is a key concern area for both the Government and the people on Indian roads. Safe driving today requires a higher level of confidence and competence, given the poor traffic planning, increasing number of vehicles, lack of professionalism in driving and untrained drivers on road. In a bid to address these issues, Fauji Driving School. has launched its initiative for promoting safe driving. Fauji Driving School not just imparts better driving skills but also tries to inculcate safe driving culture through special theoretical sessions for behavioural training and road sense. The school was the first to introduce advanced driving training parcticaly for better judgment and concept of route maps for holistic on-road practice. Practical Component Our closed road facility provides a learning environment that is realistic yet without the added pressure that public roads bring. Topics covered in our practical component include: Driver setup Operation of vehicle controls Moving off Changing gears (manual vehicles) Automatic car Stopping Steering techniques Observation Application of road rules Vehicle manoeuvring Student safety is our number one priority at Fauji Driving School. All of our training is conducted by our hand selected road training experts who are fully qualified, registered instructors. Theory Component All theory sessions are facilitated by our road safety experts and conducted in ourFauji Driving School lecture theatres. Our classrooms are fully equipped with inter-active audio/visual equipment to compliment the practical component of the training. Topics covered in this road safety education include: True 1520927160
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C - 105, Vyapar Kendra Palam Vihar, Ground Floor
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